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The Kaiizen Story

Kaiizen is an adaptation of the Japanese word for constant improvement--doing a little better each day. It is our mantra, our guide, our center. The idea of Kaiizen began with group of college students wanting to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children. We identified a desire among our peers to do the same, but we also noticed a lack of initiative. We took that initiative upon ourselves and the Kaiizen story began.

We started in 2004 with an exploratory trip to the El Sauzal Orphanage in Baja, Mexico. It was apparent from this trip there was a need, both for service projects and social interaction with the kids. With a little effort, we determined that we could make volunteer opportunities available to our peers that would be fulfilling and fun and we could do so in a way that wasn’t time or cost prohibitive.

Four of us embarked on that first trip to El Sauzal. In the time since, with over 100 trips around the world and thousands of volunteers served, we’ve made a science out of running successful humanitarian expeditions to orphanages, youth centers, and underserved communities. We are confident in the ability of Kaiizen to change perspectives and enrich lives. Because of our devotion and consistency, the children we serve have come to see Kaiizen as family and welcome with open arms even the most timid volunteer.

Kaiizen is different from other humanitarian travel organizations in that we don’t follow a specific template for each trip. We have built wonderfully strong relationships with orphanages, projects, and people around the world. These partners keep us in tune with the communities we serve and allow us to plan each trip as a one-off experience that best satisfies the current needs of the community. Rather than forcing our will, we cater to their needs. This local connection results in a unique humanitarian and cultural experience.

Kaiizen has adopted the slogan “Kaiizen is for the Kids!” While you will walk away from a trip with that slogan permanently imprinted in your brain, it only tells part of the story. Kaiizen is also for you. Our unique volunteer curriculum is based on our experiences and the experiences of our volunteers. It focuses on self-leadership, connection, and healing. No matter your phase in your life, you will find your Kaiizen experience to be deeply personal, emotionally fulfilling, and outwardly incredible. You will step into the amazing story that Kaiizen started years ago.

Come live it with us! Refer to our projects page for in-depth overviews of the people and places we serve.