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Kaiizen traveled to Swaziland in 2007 in hopes of finding projects that bettered the lives of vulnerable children. We didn’t know that some of our closest friends, the Moya Centre, were unknowingly awaiting our arrival, and had need for our help with projects that would change lives in the Mahlanya province. We’ve come to know Moya as a small but dedicated group of kindhearted individuals serving hundreds of vulnerable children in this beautiful yet impoverished valley in Swaziland.

In the time since that first visit, we have gained the trust of Moya and have completed life-changing trips and projects that enhanced the lives of those we served while offering valuable perspective to our volunteers. Moya puts great effort into helping us plan trips where we connect with the Mahlanya children, partake in authentic Swazi culture, and gain wisdom obtainable only in this part of the world.

During the trip you will teach workshops to teens on how to live a better story. Planting gardens, teaching computer skills, painting buildings, and raising money to build a house for a child-headed household are also a few of the things we might do to contribute to this community. Your impact will be great and your time well-spent.

You will stay on a nature reserve and eat breakfast surrounded by impala, warthogs, and occasionally a curious emu. You will visit Swazi homesteads and learn about day-to-day life in Swaziland. You will hear from local children about hardships and hopes. You will hear their dreams and fears, while being available to lend an ear, give a hug, and offer advice. Every day ends with soccer and games with kids who are never low on energy.You will love Swaziland. We do!

Upcoming Trips: June 17- July 3, 2019               Sign-up deadline: January 1, 2019

19 spots remaining

Flight: Est. $1,500

Kaiizen Trip Fee: $2,250

Passport Required