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Project Brazil

Kaiizen absorbed an education initiative in Brazil in 2006. We wanted to understand firsthand the impact of education in impoverished communities, and Brazil was a great a place to learn. We put people on the ground who helped us gain an understanding of what these communities needed.

Project India

With wonderful people and a rich culture, India is a special place. As a Kaiizen volunteer, you will have the opportunity to connect with the culture and the people and experience for yourself why Kaiizen has fallen in love with India.

Project Kenya

Project Kenya is connecting donors with needy children at “The Asande House” in Kitale, Kenya. We have the opportunity to provide the children of this community with the necessities of life such as food and access to an education. With your help, they can escape the cycle of poverty.

Project Mexico

Project Baja is Kaiizen’s first and longest running project. With over 100 trips to Baja and thousands of volunteers having attended, Baja is near and dear to our hearts. These trips are short, packed with fun, and can typically accommodate 30-40 volunteers.

Project Swaziland

Kaiizen traveled to Swaziland in 2007 in hopes of finding projects that bettered the lives of vulnerable children. We didn’t know that some of our closest friends, the Moya Centre, were unknowingly awaiting our arrival, and had need for our help with projects that would change lives in the Mahlanya province.

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