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Project Baja is Kaiizen’s first and longest running project. With over 100 trips to Baja and thousands of volunteers having attended, Baja is near and dear to our hearts. These trips are short, packed with fun, and can typically accommodate 30-40 volunteers. You will become a part of a caravan of vans or cars that leave Salt Lake City, Utah, and cross the border into Baja California from San Diego. In the event you’re coming from elsewhere in the country, there are pick-up locations in Provo, Las Vegas, and San Diego. Passports are required.


Each trip to Baja is built around a theme intended to encourage social interaction between the volunteers and the kids. We have built land-bound pirate ships holding 20 kids and commenced a water balloon battle that lasted hours until the ships fell apart. Fear Factor in the cafeteria is always a highlight, as is taking some weight off the shoulders of the local schoolteachers as we cover their classes. There may be a language barrier, but nothing that can’t be overcome with a little creativity. The sky is limit with Baja. We love the kids in Mexico and they love us.

Our trips leave Wednesday afternoons and return by late Sunday night. You won’t miss a lot of school or work, and you will have plenty of great stories to tell when Monday arrives!

Upcoming Trips: October 16-October 20       December 4- December 8

Kaiizen Trip Fee: $380

Passport Required