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The Kaiizen Team


The Kaiizen Foundation exists to benefit the lives of underprivileged children and change the lives of those who serve with us. We believe every child has the right to a bright future. While we realize every country is different and every child has different opportunities, we teach skills that encourage children to believe in themselves and seek better things. We interact with the children individually and as a group. 

We seek volunteers who want to share their skills, insights, experiences, and time with the children we serve. These personal interactions brighten the children's lives and change the lives of our volunteers. We believe humanitarian travel offers valuable lessons and fresh perspectives that help enhance our communities back home. So join us! Benefit the lives of these children while changing your own!

Josh Brazier

Director / Co-Founder

Ryan Gregersen

Program Director - Mexico

Joseph Reynolds

Program Director - India

Riley Reeves

Program Director - Swaziland

Heather Raddatz

Program Director - Swaziland

Josh Budinger

Board Chair / Co-Founder

Ed Eyre

Board Member

Peter Nichols

Board Member